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So some friendly advice, if you want liner, buy it from here (, usually for the lowest quality liner you would expect to pay AU 11 dollars per square meter. These guys sell the best quality liners (some one told me the quality is really really good) for just USD 40 cents per square meter! 0_0

That is so cheap. The only problem I have is that they don't deliver to Australia, when I realized that liner was so damn expensive I decided not to make a pond, but now that I have found such a cheap alternative I will definitely be buying, only if there was a way to make them deliver to Australia. One of my relatives lives in the USA, maybe I can make them send it to their house and they can mail it to us. Do you think that will work? Is there some sort of delivery company that delivers products to countries that the original seller does not? Because there is a company that does it for the website NewEgg, NewEgg only delivers to the USA, but this company can deliver new eggs products to Australia. Is there a company similar to this that can do it for this website?


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