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Advice on male and female combos

adz2332adz2332 Member Posts: 17
Newbi question,
I know you have to have a ratio of 1 male to 3ish female swordtails. But seeing as platies and swordfish breed together, can i have 1 male, 1 female sword tail and 3 female platies. will that keep the balance ok?
im also looking for them to breed


  • animal_expert01animal_expert01 Member Posts: 380
    I don't see anything wrong with the combination. However, be careful, male swordtails can be very aggressive.
  • Heintz.GHeintz.G Moderator Posts: 1,363
    It depends, is your ultimate goal to crossbreed Swords and Platy's? if so then your ratio is ok.

    Size of your tank would be helpful as well.
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