Native Fish for Outdoor Pond

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Hi All, I've been keeping tropicals in a 4' indoor tank for a couple of years now with some excellent additions (kuhli loaches etc) from Live Fish - love the service.

I'm doing some landscaping in the backyard and I've decided to go with a pond as the water feature. I'm doing all natives for the plants so it seems pointless to fill the pond with goldfish. I haven't chosen the pond yet but I'm looking at about 140l capacity so it won't be too big. I was thinking of yabbies at one stage but I don't think the pond will be anywhere big enough and they'd end up leaving home.

Can anyone recommend some native species that would be suitable for a small pond in Sydney? I'd hoping that I might get some frogs joining in as well so preferably they'd be tadpole friendly but mosquito larvae could definitely be on the menu <!-- s:twisted: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_twisted.gif" alt=":twisted:" title="Twisted Evil" /><!-- s:twisted: -->

Maybe I'd be better off without any fish in such a small pond but I'd certainly like to keep some if possible



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    I would think a good native fish for a small pond in Sydney would be Galaxias olidus - the mountain galaxias. They're natural range encompasses the Syndney region (from memory) and beyond. They are quite variable as far as colour goes with one locale exhibiting bright yellow fish. Mainly they are light brown though. Pseudomugil signifer would be good except for during the Winter. I think I would bring them inside in the coldest months.


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    Yeah If cold is a worry I would put something like Fluviatilis Rainbows. Just like 5 should get you going. They handle the cold of winter quite well, they come from the Murray River in VIC and they should breed in your pond too. Oh and they love the taste of mosquito larvae.
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    Thanks guys - I'll probably go with the rainbows when the time comes. I've wanted to get some for my indoor tank for a while now but there's no more room. I'll have to work on getting the pond setup now.