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Issues with Your Livefish Order?? PLEASE READ!!

sthn75sthn75 Moderator Posts: 3,487
edited July 2011 in Livefish Online Store
Hi, I am a moderator here on Livefish's forum.

If you are having trouble / problems with your Livefish order, Please contact me via PM and i'll see what I can do to help.

In your message, please state what the problem or issue is and your order number, so we can reference your forum username together with your Livefish order.

Please use the Subject Line for your PM ... "Livefish Order # 1234" (Use your Order Number) This will help me to easily identify continuing communications regarding the same order.

I'm here to help as much as I can, so don't hesitate to contact me thumb.gif



Also please note: I am in no way associated with the shop site, so I DON'T have access to any Livefish Order information. Livefish is in Queensland & I live in South Australia, I am just a moderator on their forum. So any responses I can get for you from Livefish will not be immediate and may take a little time. I am just trying to do what I can to help out.


  • red tiger oscarred tiger oscar Member Posts: 5
    Hi I am having a bit of trouble with an order but do not know how to PM you
  • brookebrooke Member Posts: 1
    Hi there, I am very concerned after reading the sheer amount of complaints about, I have tried to call about my order and the phone seems to be disconnected! I have also had NO response to my 3 emails. as a first time customer i am sure that there is no customer service at all!
  • sthn75sthn75 Moderator Posts: 3,487
    PM sent to you Brooke thumb.gif
  • robgrobg Member Posts: 1
    I am a first time customer,placed an order for $500 dolars worth of discus fish & gouramis 3 weeks ago.o/n 5723i have tried emailing lfa to find out status of order and just get computer generated reply.I would like to find out where my fish are and when I can expect them
  • sthn75sthn75 Moderator Posts: 3,487
    Hi & Welcome to the forum.

    Wow... that's a few $$$$ for a first time order. I've sent a message on your behalf to get them to chase it up for you.

    Did you pay for the order at the same time as placing the order?
  • tkstopstkstops Member Posts: 1
    G'Day sthn75,

    A little concerned over my last order I palaced on Monday. PayPal kind of flipped; sent my order twice and charged me twice. I want to cancel order 5852 (the second one), but am worried that Live Fish may send it before reading the email I sent them. What happened to the phone number, they are no longer listed? Can you please try to help.

    Hope that Live Fish riase above the critasism they seem to be coping, in the past I have found them effecient and professional.

  • sthn75sthn75 Moderator Posts: 3,487
    They've had that happen a few times before and they do keep an eye out for duplicate orders, but to be on the safe side i'll send them a message on your behalf about it.
  • catmancatman Member Posts: 1
    Hi sthn75,

    Going through the forum it looks like you might be able to help me by contacting the management of LF in regards to my order.

    I made an order on 01/02/09 and after their many emails to say the order is coming...again as of last week. I have not seen anything and after several emails, phone calls etc etc no one has bothered to do anything for me. This is very much how alot of people feel on the forum too.

    I've had enough, before I was happy to wait but now I want my money back.

    Can you help at all?

    PM sent sent with order number....

  • onamishonamish Member Posts: 13

    I still haven't had a reply from LiveFish since last email dated 26/3/09, can you PLEASE ask LiveFish management to reply.

    Sorry that I sound like a sucking bristlenose!
  • kellykelly Member Posts: 60
    PM sent

    above poster, you are not complaining, the service is sketchy!
  • sthn75sthn75 Moderator Posts: 3,487
    PM received Kelly. will see what I can do <!-- s:thumbleft: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_thumleft.gif" alt=":thumbleft:" title="thumbleft" /><!-- s:thumbleft: -->

    PS. Sorry for the delay, but i've been away & have only just returned home.
  • robsrobs Member Posts: 1
    First time order, placed on 27/1. Had several attempts to follow it up, and was told once that it was going to be dispatched after a mix up with paperwork (that was over 1 month ago). Now I've sent a couple of e-mails with no reply. Was patient, now over it, have requested a refund (with no reply). Would appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks.
    PS. have sent a pm (i think, haven't done this before) with specific order details.
  • sthn75sthn75 Moderator Posts: 3,487
    PM Received, so i'll see what I can do <!-- s:thumbleft: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_thumleft.gif" alt=":thumbleft:" title="thumbleft" /><!-- s:thumbleft: -->

    I know I definately wouldn't be happy though if I were in your shoes.
  • Hayley25Hayley25 Member Posts: 16
    this is my problem! I ordered fish (neon tatra package 50 fish and 2 dwarf gauramis and 2 kissing gauramis)
    I ordered these fish on the 16 of April 2009. I didnt receive an emails for 2 weeks i received the
    fish on the 30th April 2009. and out of the 54 fish i ordered 3 are alive!!! I took photos including
    the temperature of the water which was 15 and below and sent the photos of the dead fish and like other
    times just got a computer generated reply. I have emailed their normal email and their claims email!!
    I asked for new fish as i wanted these fish and its better than a refund (but i'm starting to wonder)
    I would like some information back as to wether i get a refund or the fish!
    I'm very disappointed with their lack of communication and customer service.
    How do i get a phone number i cant find one!!
    Oh and i have sent 4 emails to the livefish team wanting something
    my order number for this order is 6124 and the email i sent were titled this!
    Maybe they shoud hire someone on the customer service front!
    Not a happy customer of
  • sthn75sthn75 Moderator Posts: 3,487
    Sorry to hear about your troubles. PM Sent Hayley <!-- s:thumbleft: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_thumleft.gif" alt=":thumbleft:" title="thumbleft" /><!-- s:thumbleft: -->
  • phartphart Member Posts: 74
    Please help!!
    ive ordered 100 glass shrimp but when they are dead when they arrived. I have sent a message to livefish a week ago but still receive no update nor reply.

    I could not find their phone number either.
    How long normally does it take for them to respond to DOA messages?

    my order is #6179
  • sthn75sthn75 Moderator Posts: 3,487
    PM Sent to you Phart <!-- s:thumbleft: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_thumleft.gif" alt=":thumbleft:" title="thumbleft" /><!-- s:thumbleft: -->

    Communication is not one of Livefish's strong points unfortunately, but I do try to help where I can.
  •[email protected] Member Posts: 10

    I have been contacting livefish since I placed the order but no one ever replied. I have tried 3 times already.

    I want to know how long the fish can stay in the delivery package for? as I won't be able to pick them up right the way. I also want to have 1 male and 1 female bristlenose, if possible. Otherwise please provide 2 male bristlenose.

    It has been a week since my frist enquiry but still no one replied. Please read and reply asap!

  • sthn75sthn75 Moderator Posts: 3,487
    Hi Viv

    How long of a delay might there be before you can pick them up? Hours or Days? I wouldn't recommend leaving them too long sitting at the delivery depot.

    As for requesting male & female bristlenose's... Did you actually request this on your order? And what size bristlenose's did you get on your order because if they are juveniles which is what livefish usually supply at approx 3-4cm there is no way for them to be sexed at that size.
  •[email protected] Member Posts: 10
    edited May 2009
    Hi, I just want to know how long they can stay in the package for so I can arrange my time. Please answer my question thanks.
  • sthn75sthn75 Moderator Posts: 3,487
    I don't know exactly how long the fish "can" stay in the bags. But I could try to find out.
  •[email protected] Member Posts: 10
    edited May 2009

    Thanks for that. I am living in an apartment, if no one is home, where do you usually put the package? Can you call an hour or half hour before the package is delivered so I can go home to receive it?

  • sthn75sthn75 Moderator Posts: 3,487
    Livefish do not personally deliver the fish. The generally use Australian Air Express. So you will need to direct your questions to your local AAE depot.

    But I do know that if no one is present at the delivery address then the parcels are left on the door step. You can have the parcel delivered to your work address, which is where I have all of my fish parcels delivered to.

    Also, just so you know... I am only a moderator on this forum. I am in no way associated with the Livefish Shop side of things. I also live half way across the country from Livefish as they're in Queensland and i'm in the lower part of South Australia.
  • Hayley25Hayley25 Member Posts: 16
    Hi STHN
    i have just received the order again
    and suprise suprise they are all dead on opening
    the package and again they didnt include a heat
    I have just emailed photos and details to the info email address
    and the claims email address!
    Hopefully this time it is quicker
  • tintin Moderator Posts: 529
    Where abouts do you live Hayley? And how long are they taking to arrive?

    I'm curious because it's been getting down to about 5 degrees in Sydney overnight, and I have a package spending the day there today... My last 2 shipments from LiveFish were plants, but this time it's fish too.
  • klau3363klau3363 Member Posts: 42
    well i just finally received my order yesterday which for some odd reason took over a month. all fishes were alive and still are but the shrimps i ordered had at least 2 dead in each bag (i ordered 100, 10 in each bag). i know that doesn't sound good for you tin but just sharing my experience.
  • sthn75sthn75 Moderator Posts: 3,487
    Hayley... Will send you a PM shortly <!-- s:thumbleft: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_thumleft.gif" alt=":thumbleft:" title="thumbleft" /><!-- s:thumbleft: -->

    Tin... I just received an order from Livefish today, it was sent yesterday at about 2pm and arrived at my work at about 10.30am this morning. There were 2 heat packs in the foam box and the ambient temperature inside the box was warm. I didn't bring my fish home until after I had finished work which was about 4pm. Some of them are currently still in the box as I had to do an emergency water change & filter clean on one of my tanks. But i'll start to acclimatise them very shortly.
  • klau3363klau3363 Member Posts: 42
    don't get me wrong, i was extremely happy with my fishes, a few dead shrimps wasn't my concern. just as long as the main fishes were alive i was happy. and thanks to Sthn, Live Fish was able to track down my lost order.
  • sthn75sthn75 Moderator Posts: 3,487
    You're welcome Klau <!-- s:thumbleft: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_thumleft.gif" alt=":thumbleft:" title="thumbleft" /><!-- s:thumbleft: --> Glad to hear that your order finally arrived & all the fish are doing well. Shrimp are quite delicate when it comes to shipping, so there is generally an expectation of a few deaths among them.
  •[email protected] Member Posts: 10
    Order # 6258


    I have received my fish delivery today. However there are two bristlenose catfish missing. I haven't noticed it is missing until I unpacked everything, so I didn't took a photo (it is quite hard to find out two bristlenose catfish is missing before you unpack)

    Could you please deliver it asap?


  • sthn75sthn75 Moderator Posts: 3,487
    Hi Viv

    You only need to take photo's of fish that are Dead on Arrival, it's abit hard (well impossible really) to take photo's of fish that you don't have. I'll see what I can find out for you & let you know. It's quite possible that they ran out of bristlenose's as the days orders were being packed, which is why yours was sent without them.

    Livefish Store Frequently Asked Questions ... <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2904</a><!-- l -->
  • saidrewsaidrew Member Posts: 4
    of course i have an ISSUE!!!!!!!!! hey i guess that u dont deliver the plants to malta after all isnt it right!!!! its been a month & a half & no one from ur side intended to at least respond to my 2 e mails!!!!!! but it didnt take u a minute to take my 32 dollars!!!! if u cant deliver to the island of malta europe i dont know why malta is enlisted when u come to checkout!!!!!!! i want a full refund if its not possible to send me the choice of plants i paid for!!! & i mean full without any excuses. if nothing is done or i m not responded to in the nxt few days im going to have the need to take action against you. i will contact the fair trade. thanks for ur 'cooperaton'!!!!!
  • tintin Moderator Posts: 529
    Malta? Won't there be quarantine issues sending plants to another country?

    Which raises the question of why the entire world is listed as a delivery option. I'm pretty sure fish won't make it to some of those places fast enough when sent by a regular courier.
  • sthn75sthn75 Moderator Posts: 3,487
    Ok... maybe my glasses need cleaning... but can someone post the link to the Livefish shop site where it states that they "Deliver Worldwide" cause I cannot find it.

    All I keep reading is are the experts in delivering live aquarium fish in Australia.
    a live fish delivery service to Australian fish keepers.
    Total packaging and delivery costs for an order is a flat rate of $15.95 - to anywhere in Australia.

    And if you click on the link to "Delivery Areas page" It only mentions Australian Destinations.
  • tintin Moderator Posts: 529
    I thought I'd read that too... But couldn't find it.

    I think perhaps livefish should get their website people to remove the other countries from the delivery address form. It seems pointless to have them, and clearly some people like to just order without reading terms and delivery info.
    Apparently they can be deleted from the Zen Cart admin section quite easily, though there are about 200 to delete.
  • saidrewsaidrew Member Posts: 4
    i agree with tin. i dont read the delivery terms. now ure making me concious that i should have read the delivery terms. but 1st of all i thnk that when u check out there shouldnt be all that list of countries put up. if the money are accepted, u choose ur country and check out i should assume automtically that the transaction is succesful!! anyhow now i ve learnt a lesson.
  • saidrewsaidrew Member Posts: 4
    & btw tin its not the 1st time i hve bought plants from ebay which doesnt require any quarantine or permission even from malaysia the plants arrived as healthy as an ox in a relatively short time.
  • Hayley25Hayley25 Member Posts: 16
    Sthn- didnt get ur PM?
    Tin- I tracked them and they start at bundaburg then sydney for a night (first time 2nights) and day then to Armidale
    airport then a 3 hour drive to my door step I tested the water and it was 15 degrees and below
    the second time around the fish were completely dead and growing white stuff on opening the box
    but when they arrived dead the first time i requested heat packs to be used second time but
    they would know this if they read their emails. If it wasnt for sthn i doubt they would have a
    business!! i ended up with 3 fish out of the first delivery and they are healthy fish just
    packaging is their issue.
  • tintin Moderator Posts: 529
    then to Armidale airport then a 3 hour drive to my door step

    Bugger... You mean Armidale in NSW, right? Where are you to be getting a 3 hour delivery time out of Armidale?

    Edit: I ask because I'm not in all that big of a town not too far from Armidale, and we seem to get AAE deliveries straight to town from Sydney.
  • sthn75sthn75 Moderator Posts: 3,487
    Hayley... I just checked and my PM to you is still sitting in my outbox which means that you haven't read it yet. Have you checked your Inbox?
  •[email protected] Member Posts: 10

    Order #6258

    I'm still waiting on the reply for the missing bristle nose cat fishes. I have also taken a photo of the dead glass cat fish, which I find out its dead after opening the bag. The photo is taken and emailed to claims on the same day as I received the courier.

    Could you please let me know when I will receive the 3 fishes - 2 brisle nose catfish and 1 glass cat fish?

  • Hayley25Hayley25 Member Posts: 16
    I am in Delungra 30 min from Inverell its about a 2 hour drive but takes bout
    3 with the courier!
    I will check the inbox now if i can work it out lol!
  • saidrewsaidrew Member Posts: 4
    hey synth did you get my msg pls with the order info? thanks
  • sthn75sthn75 Moderator Posts: 3,487
    Saidrew ... Yes I did get your PM's.

    Sorry I haven't been around much lately everyone.

    I am in the middle of packing up my entire house which is a HUGE job for one person especially since i've been in this house for over 10yrs and have collected a whole heap of stuff. Time is starting to run out before I actually get the keys to the new house and physically start moving, I've got 3 weeks left to juggle sorting & packing up the house, work Mon-Fri and my son & school plus general everyday life stuff (cleaning, shopping & paying bills) and then in 3 weeks time start organising the new house & the actual move & then the clean up of the old house before handing those keys back in. And to make things even more complicated my Popa has to have 2 lots of major surgery in the city over the next 4-5 weeks which means I might also have to make a trip to the city.

    So I do apologise if I'm not around much to help at the moment. I'll still try to pop in every now & then but you may need to be abit more patient with me than usual in waiting for any replies.
  • QueenserpentineQueenserpentine Member Posts: 91
    Order Number: 6475

    hi Sthn,

    I've ordered again and all all my blue shrimp arrived dead, the thin val special mentioned on the news letter didn't arrive and I'm minus 1x shrimp/

    I've e-mailed but no response has been issued.

    I've sent the pictures and everything.

    If you could please help me with this that would be great as I don't want to have to keep the dead shrimp in the bag for ages due to smell and ew!

    If you could help me that would be great
  • sthn75sthn75 Moderator Posts: 3,487
    I appologise to all those that have sent me PM's about their orders lately, I will try to get to them as soon as I can. Please be patient with me.
  • noginogi Member Posts: 11
    I appologise to all those that have sent me PM's about their orders lately, I will try to get to them as soon as I can. Please be patient with me.

    What's the usual turn around time? I sent you a PM a couple weeks back regarding an order sent April 1 which was supposed to have been refunded.
  • BrengunBrengun Moderator Posts: 1,985
    I don't know if ppl realise but this is a forum of fishkeepers. It is not a storefront of livefish although livefish store is the forum sponsor. The forum is moderated by volunteer fishkeepers like you and me who are not employees for livefish online store.
  • noginogi Member Posts: 11
    I would disagree and if that is the case it shouldn't be hosted under the livefish domain name. From the front of this forum under Livefish Online Store:
    FAQ and help for our online aquarium fish store.

    Still waiting on refund for order back in April 01.
  • pedaskpedask Member Posts: 63
    nogi, forums have to be hosted somewhere and that costs money. From what I can see, many of the people on this forum are hobbyists, not businesses, so I presume Livefish host the forum as a form of advertising (not unusual). I have only been a member for a short while but I thought it was clearly spelled out that the wonderful people like sthn75 do their best out of the goodness of their heart and they are not Livefish employees (not even in the same part of Australia). Yes, the online store does state FAQ and help. There are FAQ threads and, occasionally, help postings from Livefish. There are a lot more postings from forum members trying to help one another. As many have previously stated, don't shoot the people that are trying to help you.
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