aandtsociety reef species collecting trips for february

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Hi all you marine keepers, just a little more showing off our club trips.
Firstly some photos of some of the species we caught in these February trips, four trips all up.
One was a boat trip and three were to different spots down the gold coast.
There are one or two videos the spearo’s among us will drool about.
On one trip we got nothing as no one wanted any thing, than when we had the last club meeting and the clubbies saw what was there on the video, that was it, everyone said what they wanted and we had several car loads of clubbies ready to have a ball.
The boat trip had only three on board which was a shame as Dave’s boat takes seven legally and conditions were very good, the video of the medium sized semi angel fish was in 12 metres as was the tube worms and the whaler shark was at nearly 18 metres, from this trip and there are more from this trip and the others but just have a look if you want.
There is a pic of the smooth water at the back of the boat as we go along, than a couple of semi angelfish and some lion fishes, etc, from other trips in feb.
We all got heaps, mainly for Marks swimming pool tank and his new five foot tanks that have just been put on the same system as the swimming pool, it’s huge!
The banner fish should look great as they are all going in the same tank at Marks, similar to Danny’s school of banners in his 6 foot tank.
We hope you enjoy the pics and videos.
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