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A listing of Members, their tanks & setup details.

To have your tank/s added to the listing send a PM to me (or one of the other moderators) with a link to your tank pic and make sure you include all your tank details:

Tank Details to include are:
** Tank Size in Litres
** Make & Model of filters & number of filters ie... 2x Eheim 2213 Canisters
** Heater Make & Wattage
** Lighting
** Tank Decor (include what substrate is in the tank)
** Tank Inhabitants


  • sthn75
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    Sthn75's Tanks

    30cm Cube Tank - 27 Litres

    Filtration - Air Driven Sponge Filter & 1x Pro Aqua AHJ-311B internal filter 300L/hr
    Heater - None but lined 3 sides with sisalation
    Lighting - Small Hang-On Aquarium Light
    Decor - Black Gravel, Rocks & Driftwood with Moss, 1x Sword Plant, 1x Unknown Plant
    Inhabitants - Mystery Snails, Red Cherry Shrimp & Baby Albino Bristlenose Catfish

    60L Tropical Tank

    Filtration - 1x Ehiem Classic 2213
    Heater - 150watt Atman
    Lighting - Aqua One Twin T4 Compact 20watt & 50cm Blue Moon LED Aquarium Light
    Decor - Eco Complete, (sprinkle Eco Complete African Cichlid Sand), Driftwood, Swords, Anubias, vallis - thin, giant & corkscrew, java fern variety.
    Inhabitants - 5x L104 Clown Pleco’s, 2x Female Guppies, 1x Gudgeon, 4x Bumblebee Goby’s, 2x Pygmaeus Corys, 1x Spotted Blue Eye, 6x Ember Tetras, 6x Pseudomugil Furcatus, 6x Trigonostigma hengeli Rasboras, 1x Apisto Agassizii, 2x Royal Whiptail Catfish, Glass shrimp, Mystery Snails

    90L - Tropical Tank

    Filtration - Otto PF200N Internal 200L/hr
    Heater - 100W Jager
    Lighting - Compact Twin T5 39Watt 10000K
    Decor - Dupla Ground Substrate, Rocks, Driftwood, 1/2 Coconut Shell Cave, Thin Vallis
    Inhabitants - 1x Gold Angel, 3x Beunos Aires Tetra’s, 3x Blue Rams, 2x Bolivian Rams, 5x Albino Corys, 2x OrangeSpot Bristlenose Catfish, 4x Albino Bristlenose Catfish (juvies), 1x Otocinclus, 4x Kuhli Loaches, Mystery Snails
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    SilverCichlid's Tanks

    Hap & Peacock Display Tank

    Size: 622 Litre 6' x 2' x 22"
    Filters and other: 1 x Fluval FX5, 1 X Eheim Filter (unsure what model), bubble stone, and a 3000lph power head (which is only switched on now and then to help the filters suck up any waste that is caught in the 'dead spots'
    Lighting: 3 T8 Tubes 1 x AquaGlo 1 x PowerGlo 1 x MarineGlo
    Heaters: 2 x 300watt Jagers
    Substrate: 50/50 coral sand and beach sand
    Rocks: River stones
    Plants: 4 Large Java Ferns
    Fish: Sciaenochromis fryeri, Protomelas Sp Tanzania, Protomelas Taeniolatus Red Empress, Cyrtocara Moorii, Copadochromis Borleyi Red Fin Kadanga, Otopharynx Tetraspilu, Aulonocara Dragon Blood, Oto Lithobates Sulphur Crest, Aulonocara Lwanda Yellow Top, Aulonocara baenschi, Aulonocara Eureka Red, Aulonocara Red Jacobfreibergi, Aulonocara OB (marbled), Aulonocara Stuartgranti Cobue, Aulonocara Maulana Biicolour, Aulonocara Rubescens, Aulonocara Stuartgranti Chiwindi Blue Neon, Aulonocara Albino Baenschi, Aulonocara Maleri, Nimbochromis Venustus, Labidochromis caeruleus (thats all I can think of right now)

    Mbuna Display Tank

    Size: 680 Litre 6' x 2' x 2'
    Filters and other: 2 x Fluval FX5's, 1200lph power head and 4 foot bubble curtain
    Lighting: 3 T8 Tubes 1 x AquaGlo 1 x PowerGlo 1 x MarineGlo
    Heaters: 2 x 300watt Jagers
    Substrate: Fine white and grey argonite gravel
    Rocks: Ocean rocks and slate
    Plants: 1 Plastic plant
    Fish: Labidochromis sp. "Hongi", Labidochromis caeruleus, Metriaclima greshakei, Pseudotropheus sp. "Kingsizei", Pseudotropheus estherae, Maylandia callainos, Melanochromis Maingano, Metriaclima lombardoi, Pseudotropheus Acei Yellow Tail, Cynotilapia afra "Cobue",

    Planted Ram Tank

    Size: 95 Litre 24" x 12" x 20"
    Filters and other: 1 x Hagen AquaClear 70 Power Filter, DIY Co2
    Lighting: 2 T8 Tubes 1 x AquaGlo 1 x PowerGlo , and 2 T5 Tubes 1 x POWERCHROME Midday and 1 x POWERCHROME AquaFlora (3.5wpg)
    Heaters: 1 x 100watt Jager
    Substrate: Eco-Complete
    Rocks and driftwood: River pebbles, and grapevine wood
    Plants: Blyxa japonica, Hygrophila corymbosa 'Stricta', Tiger Lotus, Chain Sword, Wisteria, Crypts, Hygrophila Corymbosa, Contortionist Val, Anubias Nana, Flame Moss, Java Fern
    Fish: 4 German Rams, 2 Bolivian Rams, 2 Yoyo Loaches, 2 Oto cats,
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    Cugerg's Tank



    Tank size: 280Litres
    Filter: aquaone 2200 canister
    Heater: 2 x aquaone 300watts
    Lighting: 2 x Power-Glo
    Tank Decor: White sand (Marble Chip) large river rocks and driftwood plants
    Tank Inhabitants: 20 x Tropheus Duboisi, 2 x Paskistan Loach and 2 x Synodontis Petricola


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    Brengun's Tanks


    2 x 6ft tanks each with 334 ltrs actual water.

    Bottom tank: fine gravel substrate, artificial and mixed thin vallis, and java fern plants.
    Top tank: sand substrate and only one anubias plant on coffee rock.

    Both tanks: contain driftwood and caves. Both tanks are filtrated with Otto PF450G 1800 litres per hour 30 watts canister filters.

    Both tanks: have a large sponge filter powered by one dual air pump.

    Top tank: has 2 and bottom tank has 1 OTTO PF-2000N 2000lph 25 watts.

    Water turn over in lph in top tank is 17 times and bottom tank is 11 times.

    Both tanks: have Jager 200 watt heaters with heater covers with heating range of 300 to 400ltrs.

    Both tanks: are insulated on 3 sides with sisalation paper and both have full 1cm thick sheets of foam underneath.

    Both tanks: have 4ft lights with dual tubes which I seldom use unless I am attending to the fish.

    I use digital thermometres on all my tanks so I can read at a glance.

    Fish in bottom tank: 20+ of mixed corydoras, peppered, panda, sterbai , trilineatus and a dozen L134 leopard frog plecos.

    Fish in top tank: A dozen zebra kutu nigritus upsidedown catfish, a peacock eel, a blue ram, an angelfish, a L203 titanic pleco, a contradens pleco, a longfin common bristlenose, and 4 L075 leopard plecos.
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    Mooo's Tanks

    24L Q tank

    Filtration: Aqua One hang one filter with ceramic noodles and a sponge.
    Heating: AquarWorld 50 Watt heater..
    Lighting: one small 4500K globe mounted in lid
    Other Equip: 1 air stone.
    Substrate: is a mix of a gravel bed and sand covering.
    Decor: Caves & a pot for breeding or hiding.
    Plants: Idiot proof
    Inhabitants: A breeding pair of Apistogramma Cacatuoides, Male (orange variety) Female common. (Subject to Change ...)

    38L Elite brand

    Came as a tank kit, with light set in a molded hood. Very neat, but very difficult to get 14watt, 15" T8 tubes for it.
    Filters: 1x Aqua One small hang on with surface skimmer & 1x Elite brand, came with tank kit, duel chambers, both with ceramic noodles and sponges
    Heating: AquarWorld 55watt Heater..
    Lighting: AquaOne 14Watt,, 15"T8, for fish colour & plant growth.
    Decor: Air Curtain, DriftWood, rocks, plants
    Inhabitants: 6 new Endlers, 1 male, 5 Females, 6x Male Guppys, 1x Livefish Snakeskin Endler male,3/4 cross Endler male, Sole surviving Double Red Apistogramma Cacatuoides from 1st batch of bubs. looking like a male...

    60L Breeding tank

    Filter: 1x AquarWorld duel chamber(with skimmer), ceramic noodles & sponges and 1x AquaOne small hangon filter, ceramic noodles & sponges.
    Heating: AquarWorld 100watt heater.
    Lighting: Aqua One cheap black light fitting 18".
    Plants: 2 breeding pots one with annubius.
    Decor: Air curtain, DriftWood..
    Substrate: Gravel base with a sand beach with retaining wall of rocks, Some areas have a fine brown gravel covering ( intended to stop fry from jamming into the gravel voids and perishing)
    Inhabitants: Breeding pair of Apistogramma Cacatuoides, Male (Orange variety) Female(Double Red variety). In fry trap..Sole surviving apistogramma cacatuoides from our 2nd batch of bubs.

    60L Breeding tank

    Filters: AquarWorld Duel chamber hangon for a 150L tank, ceramic noodles & sponges.
    Heating: AquarWorld 100watt heater.
    Lighting: 1AquaOne 12" cheap light fitting.
    Decor & Plants: Air stone, Annubius on driftwood, Ball of Java moss, A few plants..
    Substrate: Common honey gravel.
    Inhabitants: 5 Female Guppys mics ages of small fry, 2 fry traps full of newborns, three deliveries recently.

    70L ..Under Construction - In cycle mode

    Filter : AquarClear hangon .
    Plants: Idiot proof plants, Thin Valls, Wisteria, Java fern...
    Decor: Airstone, Driftwood
    Substrate: Small brown gravel chips & common gravel divided by rocks.
    Inhabitants: 5 guppys 1x male 4 x female.

    Ram Manor... 320L

    Filters: AquaOne 750 Aquis canister, Small internal Elite brand, Sunsun 9watt internal UV steriliser.
    Heating: 300Watt ancient heater..
    Lighting: 2x flourecent 4' relle
    Decor: Heavily planted, Numerous caves & pots, 12 inch air curtain, 2 pieces driftwood, One large imitation log/rock feature. Small submersed blower disperse Pleco poop.
    2 new Blue Rams , 1 male, 1 female
    2 new Goldies..1 male , 1 female.
    7x Bolivian Butterfly Rams..4 males, 3 fem.
    7x Blue Rams..2 males, 5 fem.
    2x Golden Rams.1 male, 1 fem.
    3x Yoyo Loach
    3x Bristlenose Catfish.2 male, 1 fem.
    2 Angelfish
    6 Rainbows, 1 Kangaroo creek(fem), 5 Neon Rainbows, 3 male, 2 fem.
    1x Cambodian Purple Fighter.
    1x Scissortail Rasbora.
    1x Bronze Corydoras.
    1x Mystery Snail.
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