Sick Fish??? Asking for Help???

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If you've got a fish with a health problem or disease symptoms that you'd like help with identifying or treating ect, then make a thread here in the Emergency Section of the forum.

But Please try to include as much information as possible about:

The fish itself
- The type of fish, number of fish

The symptoms
- Not eating, bloated stomach, gasping at surface, sitting on bottom, spots, wound etc etc

Any Medications you've tried

Tank Details
- Size of tank, how many litres
- Type & Make of filter
- Any other occupants of the tank
- How often water changes are done & the amount of the water change
- Whether any other chemicals are used such as PH Up/Down additives

Test Results
- Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Ph

A Photo
- displaying fish & problem, helps greatly in enabling others to see what the problem might be.