Aandtsociety clown fish collecting trip in late april

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Another great trip and an equally beautiful day.

There are more trips to come out soon and we are having a trip to in about 2 hours.

This time a few clowns were the order of the day.

Firstly the (perideraion) pink clowns, we call them skunk clowns, were not originally noticed as there colours blend in so well with in the large bubble anemones that they prefer to inhabit, so they were the last ones noticed,they were in around 35 feet.

The brown clowns were from a group of around 12 all up, as they don’t seem to mind living in large communities, so just a few akindynos were taken,they were in around 18 feet deep.

Down a little deeper in 38 feet of water was a young couple of latezonatus clowns, luckily not to bright for latz,as they can be classed as a hard clown fish to catch in that they will run from there anemone to allude capture and you only have so long on a breath to catch them once you have lined them up.

Luckily they normally use the same ways to avoid you, which can make it easy for capture with some practise.

The large bubble anemones were 24 to 30 inches across and had a few pairs of porcelain crabs living at their bases, but they were not wanted so they were left, still nice to see them though.

One unusual bubble was,what seemed like a combo of the maroon clown bubble,orange/red,in colour,we see a few of these and the very pretty green bubble variety as well.

This one had orange bubbles and very bright green tips with red lines running up and down each bubble,you could see it as far away as the water was clear enough to see,that one will be remembered,hopefully it will be still there next time to see and find who has made it there new home for us to either look at or catch.



Trying to pin down most of the clubbies to get some pics of collected species is very hard,this is all i could get from them.

The latz went to Kits tank,shes quarantining them for a while before they go into the big tank.
They have such a lovely nature the latz,there is rarely a single problem with them in a comunity tank.


One of the akindynus and the little olivaceous from another trip went to another clubbies tank.

The pinks went to Shanes tank and on and on.