aandtsociety reef species collecting for show tanks

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This was a catch from a little while back from Kens boat and also Daves boat,this was mainly for some display fish for the clubs beenleigh show display and than all the latz went to the guys breeding programs,that leaves us with none,so we are getting some akyndinos clowns now instead,the latz are to hard to get that often,they are a lot of work,most are in 35 to 55 feet that we can just reach.

There were two more pairs and a single found last time,but they were left,we never need to go above the legal limit for collection and some really have to be left for the times when some one really wants one in the club even if we were aloud to get some more.

The groups we chased last time are not known by the commercial guys and that is the way it will stay as the latz are very valuable to them for the overseas Aus indemic market.

There has been quite a few anemone crabs around of late,more than usual and in shallow water as well,a bit strange!

The video that is in this thread is of one of the pairs left behind of the latz in a bubble anemone and a single in a bright red bubble anemone near by,the camera only works to 40 to 45 feet and they were in nearly 60 feet,so it was a case of snorkel down quite a few times until the max depth of the camera was known,than the buttons would not work,any more and the camera shuts off and thats fair enough,it is supposed to be only safe to 3 metres.

There were 10 or 15 videos taken to diffferent depths to see what the camera could do,until the camera would shut off so after that we got one of the guys on scuba to go down slowly and this is as close as it would go before switching it self off.

These were for the show????