aandtsociety collecting trip plus a few for the driver

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This wasn’t an overly planned trip, it just came up all of a sudden, because one of the clubbies needed a few thousand litres of water as a water change and a couple of us tagged along to get some fish for both him and some for the Beenleigh show display.
The day was as good as you could get it really, though the 10 to 14 metres vis we had, could have been 20 plus, but that’s just not that common these days.

There were plenty of fish and inverts which are good as this area is hit quite hard by the commercial guys, which is fine, it’s their job and if the fish were reduced that they catch, than as a result the prices would go up and put the hobby out of many peoples reach.

One thing that struck me as being quite sad though is that there were two areas over the last 6 months or so that were good to visit and have a look at the clown fish in the golden bubble anemones, one spot is very obscure, so it is still fine, but a few weeks back we were going past this place in the boat and we noticed that one of the commercial guys was in that spot working on hookah and now all the bubble anemones are gone and so are all the clowns that were in those ones.

Oh well such is life, it is a man made area so it is not like it is a valuable reef breeding area, so I would not begrudge the collection of them, it was just a shame that in just 15 feet of water you could see these fish and inverts going about there business and we had no intention of interfering with those so close for so many to enjoy so easily.

It’s a good spot to go to as there is always something for some one to get there and carry out all marine activities, like swimming,fishing,snorkelling,spearfishing and scuba diving.

Out of the four of us we did really well, not that we got a lot, just that it went very well ,conditions were very good and we all had a ball.
These are the pics from the trip.

It was pretty early when we left.

This is how clear the water was.

This pic is through polarised sunnies.

A couple of videos.


A couple of the tube worms on the day.

Some of the fish on the day.





One of the chunky male banded shrimps in the area.

This was how very rough it was on the way back,lol!

Over all a very good day had by all.


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    You find such nice fish - great pics.
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    hi isabelle,we have been in and around the south east waters for quite a while now.
    The club it self has been carrying out similar trips since the late 1920s and a couple of us in the club have been collecting for near on thirty years.
    You name a fish that is found around here and we normally know where at least one is at any givern time,not that the ocean will always allow access to it,the current around here of late has been down right dangerous!
    The other day we couldn't get from the back of the boat to the front even with a line tied from the the anchore line to the back,there was white water around us,so some one stayed in the boat and it was a drift swim.
    see yah.
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    I live in Darwin and at the Greyhound Bus Depot in the city they have a fantastic marine tank set up with live coral & beautiful fish. We've also got Indo Pacific Marine down at the wharf where people can go in and check out what fish are around our waters, the coral etc. and they also have one of those tanks where you can stick your hands in and have a feel. Snorkeled once on the Great Barrier Reef and couldn't get me out of the water. Wanted to learn to scuba dive but alas I now have pulmonary hypertension so there is no way I'm ever going to achieve that. So I'll sit back and keep admiring those nice pics you post. Keep up the good work.


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    If you knew some one with some gear you could do a low stress shallow dive,my dad has the same thing and he has had a couple of goes at it in past years,he is 82 now,its been a while.
    When i take my other half on scuba with me i just use a very long ocy hose to the second stage and she hangs onto my back and she breaths off my tank and she just come along for the ride,she will hang off to the side sometimes and fiddles with some life forms along the way,she almost goes off on her own,to the end of the ocy hose anyway,she loves it as i have to do all the work.
    There is a spot where you can just work in near bris(secret spot)where there are all corals and clown fish in 2 to 7 metres of water and nearly every thing else the barrier reef can offer.
    If you want to have a look at some of the spots we go to this is the page i made up,it took three months of hard work to make it,i hope you enjoy checking out our area.
    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.aandtsociety.org.au/SEQ dive spots.htm&quot;&gt;http://www.aandtsociety.org.au/SEQ dive spots.htm&lt;/a&gt;&lt;!-- m -->
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    Thanks for the link. I've saved it in my favourites & I'll have a good look at it.

    Nice to know your dad can dive with PAH - will make some enquiries up here & get some lessons.
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    no i don't mean he could have lessons,i meant we(my brother and i) are accredited (since 1971)and we had the gear for him to use (in shallow water)so he could experience it,thats what i mean by if you know some one,some one with the gear that will take the chance on taking you or loaning you some gear.

    my dad also has a strong fear of water as he drowned when he was a child and was lucky some one back than could do cpr,or i wouldn't be here,he wanted to get passed his fear and at least try scuba,we took him twice he was scared s
    ss,but loved it once his heart stopped pounding,he was younger than.

    he has never had a lesson,we showed him what to do and the same with my other half,she has dived with my spare gear,the lazy begger just likes me to do all the work,through a shop or by the right way you may not be allowed to,privately no one can stop you,but some one you know or someone you know may know some one who will take you so you can experience that amazing world while breathing down amongst the fishes.

    i hope it works out for you,scuba is clumsy but you get down there amongst them.
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    Thanks for that. I'll see if I can find anyone who may want to 'piggy-back me'.