melanopus and latezonatus clowns for nano tanks.

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Some of the clowns for the beenleigh show are settling down nicely.
The melanopus has become mates with the skunk that i forgot was there and hadn't fed it for nearly a month,poor thing,its eating with the others like a pig now and should faten up nicely for the show.
Our local melanopus clowns are a nice red around here,not quite as nasty normaly either.
The other clowns are up higher on the algae tray in the spotted anemone,they are to shallow to put the video in the water.




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    i with i had the money to have a marine tank.
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    Mate its not that expensive!
    You ask most of the trendies around the place and you will be led down an expensive path for sure.
    Ouer club south east queensland aquarium society,goes on heaps of trips to get all of our own species for our aquariums.
    You combine that with making a lot of your own aquarium components and it can be very cheap.
    It is much easier than you think for any part of the marine aquarium hobby,excludung only small polyp corals,they can be a bit more expensive.
    those fish in the videos we caught!
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    thats kool so how much would it cost if i went on a trip
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    There are no costs,we go as club members,i suppose there is our membership of $25 each,but all clubs have member ship donations.

    we just share any and all costs of fuel,or meet there and anything caught for someone,they have to cater for a meeting or two,that sought of thing.

    One of our members had well over $400 worth of fish given to him and the swap is cater for four meetings,cake and bickies for all.

    we just got back from a trip an hour ago and i was just checking emails,very nice day,nearly as nice as the last two trips in the last three weeks on the forum!
    Danny had a play with an orr fish,i don't know the spelling,i hope they get the latern name right,i have no idea what that would be this is the first time we have seen one,geez they are ugly!the thing was about 15 feet long and i think it was a bit sick to let us handle it like that,there will be a video of it rapped around Danny with the thread,well i hope it goes on there it is just like a horror movie,the threads on ours are a bit longish,more pictures,that i would put out there though.
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    whats the stroy with collection permits?

    I know that whenever i want to do any collecting for my PhD work in freshwater systems i need to get permits and i'm not allowed to collect some things. I would have thought that marine collection would be subject to some pretty heavy collection permits.
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    This our information page for all to look at to avoid making silly mistakes while collecting for your aquarium.
    We used to live at henley beach on the esplanade.

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