Cubbie Station thoughts?

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Hey Guys,

I guess i am interested to know some thoughts on the latest with cubbie station. For those who dont recall the name, its the giant cotton station in NSW that stores as much water as sydney harbour by sucking it out of the murray.

The news came today that the station has gone under becasue of the drought. Seeing as we are all fish lovers and the murray has given us some lovely fish i thought i might see what people thought of this turn of events.

I myself think its a good and bad thing as there will be a few people out of a job but the benifits of having all that water back in the river is just too good to pass up.


  • Mooo
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    If the water they put back makes a difference to the levels, then it can only be a good thing...
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    they reckon that even if all the farmers down stream went nuts and took water out, 15-25% would still make it down. I have just done a big lit review for DEH on macroinvertebrates in the lower lakes and i can assure you that even 15% would reduce the likelyhood of mass extinctions
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    Yeah thats awesome. Ive been going to the Murray River camping and fishing for the last 18 years, and its really sad whats happened. Many years ago you could catch so many fish it was bordering ridiculous. If you try and fish now you are lucky to catch 1. So hopefully with a water rise, the number of fish like the Cod and Silver perch rise.
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    One case of Nature having a win in my opinion Doug.People wil always find somewhere to work but once animals and the waterways are gone there is just no replacing them..People just dont realise how critical some areas are becoming in our country ..Jen <!-- s:( --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad" /><!-- s:( -->
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    Firstly Cubbie station is in SE Qld, not NSW.

    Secondly it does not take water from the Murray River in Vic, its river is the Darling which starts in Qld and runs through NSW to meet up with the Murray later on.

    Thirdly drought is exactly that, widespread drought. None of us here have had decent rainfall in years including Cubbie station.

    I concur they were greedy and now they are paying for that greed.

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