Brisbane aquarium society marine fish and invert collecting

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The South East Queensland Aquarium Society other wise known as aandtsociety of late has had some top trips that we have made into threads and this is just a few pics from those threads on the clubs collecting trips from september till now.
Since I last put in any trips we have had roughly one per week and with the onset of xmas it will get up to three per week for a while in there for the clubbies to get into the ocean and get some lovely marine aquarium fish and inverts for their aquariums and also get some for each other as we always do.
I have a bit of time for a few weeks now so i have gotten a pic or two from each of the club trip threads for all to see and hopefully enjoy as much as the club has been since the late 1920s.

One of the many rockskippers or lawn mower blennies (Istiblennius family) we find in the thousands here and there.

One of a pile of feather stars for marks tank,from one of the clubbies tanks that are doing extremely well.

One of the many local Pseudanthias we see and get,this is one of seven for marks tank.

A common goby (phalaena) that one of the guys wanted.

A common (chelmonops truncatus)

Doing really well in marks tank one of the pair gotten for him- Chaetodon aureofasciatus

In marks tank-Chaetodon rainfordi

A nice sand weaver or grub fish that went into marks tank-Parapercis hexophthalma

This fingered dragonet was not the easiest to chase and catch,but it went into marks tank eventualy.

This racoon chaetodon is powering in marks tank.

One of the young clubbies enjoying the water on our three day club trip.


Good to see a new batch of juveniles of the very common ghost pipe fish (solenostomus paradoxus).
Ealier on in the year the heavy rains wipped out the large numbers of the adults we were experiencing,as with virtualy all marine life,nice to see planktonic dispersal bringing them back.


These are a few algae fom one of our trips collected for Danny's new set up and algae srcubber.




One for Danny's tank-Centropyge vrolikii

This interesting fish we found wanting a cuddle,lol,lol.
This Danny have a dance and cuddle with this oar fish on one of our trips.