Bad Batch of Fish Food Hypothesis?

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Hi there.

I have a feeling I recently purchased a bad batch of fish food (TetraColor Flakes) from a petshop in Brisbane. The reason is all of my fish (neons and rummy nose tetras) started dying after I started feeding them with it. I am convinced it's the food as nothing else to my setup has changed. Plus, I went away over Christmas for 8 days and forgot to put in a feeder block before I left, but amazingly no fish died while I was away. I've kept fish for over 20 years and have experienced a lot of fish death in that time, but have never thought it was because of a bad batch of food. I would love to get the thoughts from others on my hypothesis!!!



  • STFA_Striker
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    Sounds liek a valid idea to me
  • Mooo
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    Sorry to hear of your recent losses,
    Agreed ...It could have happened, It hasn't happened to me but it is possible...
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    did you change foods to this one? cos if this is the first time you have fed them this brand then that may have something to do with it. if not then i would back up your thoughts
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    The carnage only began after I started feeding them the TetraColor flakes. On one occassion I had about 10 fish die in one day! I feel obliged to let others know if there is a bad batch of feed out there, but I also know the pet shop (and supplier) will likely take a hyper-defensive position at the mere suggestion. I think I will put my diplomatic hat on and have a chat with the pet shop I bought the flakes from and see what they think.

    Thanks for your thoughts.
  • Doug
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    the change in food may have been the cause. there may have been a drop/increase in some of the nutrients in it meaning that thefish got shocked by it.