Mouth 'crumbs' and top sitting

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We have a big tank at work with a large Scat and 4 various sized Red Topped Cobalt cichlids.

Another small RTCC was added about two weeks ago from another tank at work - all the tanks at work have been disease-free for 3 years (lucky!)

The large male RTCC has been acting strangely for the last week, either hiding behind a rock with his face over a bubble wand, or hanging around (swimming backwards to stay in the flow) the filter flow outlet. His bottom lip/mouth appears a little puffy and has tiny little lumps/flecks all over it.

The other fish seemed fine, but when I looked really closely today, they all have varying tiny specks on their lips.

Two days ago some %#@! dosed the tank with Marine Master algae control... but I don't think this is the issue...

The big RTCC really seems stressed - but is eating okay.

Any ideas?


  • Mooo
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    Wow thats great tank have been disease free for 3 years, It could be a fungus or white spot, hard to tell without a photo...
    The algae killer could reek havoc on your bacterias(bioload) watch out for a mini cycle.. Test water daily for ammonia & nitrAte levels. if you have steady under 20 NitrAtes it should be ok...
    Keep Us posted...
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    Agree with moo, sounds like a fungus. Maybe give Pimafix a shot?? And turn the temperature up abit.. I try to avoid moving my fish into different tanks unless its absolutely necessary. There would be some minor diseases in one tank that arent in the second tank, so the second tank has never seen it before, but the fish in the first tank are used to it. Then when you introduce it into the second tank it wreaks havoc as the fish have never been in contact with it before. Lost so many fish like this before, so its probably a good idea to quarantine the fish first, before introducing it into the second tank... And well done keeping your tanks disease free for 3 years, thats a decent effort <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->
  • Squik
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    Everything has suddenly disappeared over the last two days and all is back to normal (??)... weird!

    Had no choice but to move at short notice, but all appears okay now so I will just monitor it all closely. I did a 50% water change to get the algae killer out, that may have helped.

    Yeah, the guy doing the tanks before me was pedantic with monitoring everything... did a great job