Red Sea Max 250

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Picked up my first ever marine tank yesterday. Its an all in one red sea max 250.
Tank and stand $2,200 plus $50 for the lfs guy to assemble the cabinet which with all the filters and stuff took him a few hours and a Hailea chiller for $404.

I won't be putting anything in it for a couple of weeks as I am just going to let it sit in its spot and see if its not in the way.
I also have to make sure I could service the filters and stuff from there and if its going to be reasonably dry around the cabinet as I do tend to splash a bit of water about at times.

Also pretty broke after initial purchase and haven't even bought salt yet so this will be a long term setup.
Besides, how often do you get to set up a marine tank? Might as well sit back and take my time.

I also have some books to read before I get started like The Reef Aquarium Vol3 so I have some sort of idea of what I am doing when I set it up.

The Marine Tardis.
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