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Hi there,

I recently ordered Glass shrimp (Paratya australiensis) pack of 100 from livefish, this is my 1st time ordering from them. The process of ordering from the website and delivery was satisfactory, they shipped it yesterday and I received my package this morning. However I was disappointed when I opened the box as I found 99% of the shrimp DOA. I, obviously will be going through the process of applying for a store credit/refund (undecided what to do yet) and hope that this will go smoothly.

My mainly purpose of this post is to find out what other people's experiences are with ordering shrimp. Mine were packaged in a few fish bags and placed in a styrofoam box. Does livefish usually ship with shrimp with moss or wool so that the shrimp have something to hold on in transit ? What are the usual death rates for shipping shrimp? 99% death rate is disappointingly high and unacceptable considering that delivery was overnight. Any ideas as to why this has happened?



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    well.. i have found that glass shrimp aren't has hardy as some others.. that said im not sure why 99% of yours dies.. usually much lower death rate than that..
    on the other hand, all the fish that i have ordered have come healthy and happy.
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    Hi Bytan
    Sorry to hear your order was DOA..Hard to say what went wrong. Have you taken photos of the DOA's in the bags? & emailed them to Livefish? That's their policy on DOA's
    I have not got any shrimp from LF, but I can say the fish I have ordered were all good quality, and only one out of several orders was DOA. that matter was rectified with a replacement in my next order <!-- s:o --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_surprised.gif" alt=":o" title="Surprised" /><!-- s:o -->) Can't be unhappy with that..
    Hope you get the shrimp you want in the near future.
    You only need one shrimp to die and it has the potential to pollute the water , Could be why you had such a high percentage of deaths... <!-- s:shock: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_eek.gif" alt=":shock:" title="Shocked" /><!-- s:shock: -->
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    I've had about a 10% loss rate on glass shrimp from LiveFish in the past. But they generally have packed more than what I've ordered so it cancels out. One order I bought 30 and stopped counting them at about 40 (alive).

    Glass shrimp I've never had them pack anything in the bag, but the blue shrimp I bought did have some plant leaves in there. I suspect they include plants with the more expensive shrimp, but the cheaper glass shrimp are generally used for live food so don't get any special treatment.
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    Yeah I've taken photos of the DOAs in the bag. Its hard to see glass shrimp in clear plastic bags though. Anyway I've taken about 30 photos so they should be able to make it out. I'm leaning
    more towards a refund to be honest as I am not confident that the replacement glass shrimp will survive the journey again and am not really looking for fish (have 4 tanks which are pretty much fully stocked). Will have a think about it though and will email livefish over the weekend.
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    Could have just been bad luck you copped a hot day. I was speaking to my lfs today and he said he doesnt stock shrimp in the summer cause orders he sends in end up arriving with high fatalities too. Maybe if you wait a couple weeks the weather will be kinder for shipping shrimp?
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    My mainly purpose of this post is to find out what other people's experiences are with ordering shrimp.
    Hiya bytan,
    I've done a few orders of shrimp from LF without issue. They are packed in bags and then in the styrofoam box. Typical loss rate is only a few percent.
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    Thanks Matt, this is a year old thread lol <!-- s:laugh4: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/hysterical.gif" alt=":laugh4:" title="laugh4" /><!-- s:laugh4: -->
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    i wonder how that 1 shrimp that survived is doing?
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