How do I look after my Copepods???

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Now that the mystery is solved and the little swimmy things in my goldfish bowl are copepods..How do you say Copepods? Cope -pods or Co-pep-ods? Doug...maybe...

How do I look after them to keep the colony alive?

Do they need water aeration?
What do they feed on?
How often can I remove some to feed the baby fry?
Do they need water changes?
Do they need the Java Moss back in there as I transferred it to the Cherries new home when I moved them?

They are still in the goldfish bowl...there are no longer Cherry Shrimp..the UG Filter is no longer in there is just the gravel.

I would love to keep them alive as they are actually a bit cute to watch...


  • Doug
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    copepods Co-pe -pods

    These are very easy to look after, I used to get them in my honours work emerging from dry river soil after i wet it. They eat very fine particulate matter, including algae. I used to bubble the water but not sure if you need to. I never fed them anything. I suspect the just grazed on the organic matter in the soil. however, i did shut down the tanks after 2 months.