First order - Lost some fish and got one mutant

john h
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I received my first order today. The tracking said they arrived in Canberra at 08:30 this morning, but apparently this was too late to be delivered today. I sent my Son around to the AAE depot to pick the package up as I didn't want the fish sitting there for another 24 hours. Anyway my order was:
  • 1 Bolivian Ram[/*:m]
  • 6 White Clouds[/*:m]
  • 20 Glass shrimp[/*:m][/list:u]

    Unfortunately I lost 2 White Clouds and three shrimp (plus a few of the shrimp didn't look too good, but they were technically alive on arrival). I've read other posts here that say shrimp normally suffer a bit and livefish generally put a few extras in to offset this. I didn't get this as I had exactly 20 glass shrimp. I'll see how the ones that looked a bit crook go, but it looks like I'll only have about half that are healthy. <!-- s:pale: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_pale.gif" alt=":pale:" title="pale" /><!-- s:pale: -->

    One of the surviving White Clouds is a mutant. It looks like someone has broken it's back as it's all crooked and it's tail is deformed. It is still swimming around ok, but if I was picking fish out of a shop I would say I don't want the mutant one.

    The Bolivian Ram seems to be going ok so far, albeit a little shy ATM.


  • Mooo
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    Oh no... sorry to hear you had some casualties.
    Shoot off an email off of the DOA's to livefish..they will most likely give a store credit..
    As for the Bolly, it should come good, a nice slow acclimatisation process n & lights out usually helps them get over their long journey..
    Shrimp are buggers to travel. in any numbers, I usually wait till the weather is cooler before I get shrimp delivered..they don't cope well with the temp changes..
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  • Doug
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    I would also be taking a pic of the white cloud and sending that in. I think that you shoud get credit for that too IMO. As you say, you wouldn't pic the bung one from the shop.
  • benjamin
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    man thats some terrible luck.
    I have only been delivered the wrong fish and they seemed happy to give me some store cred which i then bought my angels that i still have today.
    hit them up about it maybe find someone that is selly shrimp closer to you if you dont want to risk loosing them agen
  • john h
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    I sent in the form and got a refund for the dead fish this morning. Nice prompt service.

    I didn't worry about the mutant White Cloud as I couldn't get a pic clear enough. The remaining White Clouds are going strong. The Bolivian Ram is looking better but still easily spooked. Don't know how the shrimp are as they are hard to find. I only managed to spot 5 out of the 17.
  • Doug
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    are the shrimp in the same tank as the Bolly and the while clouds...if they are then i might know where the rest are...nom nom nom