Rainbowfish: size and compatible tank-mates

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I'm just establishing my very first fish tank. Currently only have 2 Dawson River Rainbows and am hooked, they look great and I can't imagine them not being part of the household now!

The problem is, the Rainbows were sold with a 34 L tank, filter etc as cold water setup that I could add a bunch of other fish to. Having looked into it a bit further, I've found out that they are actually tropical (luckily it's been warm in Melbourne) so have now got them a heater.

My question is this - is the tank big enough to take any more fish? Is it even going to be big enough for the 2 fish I have? (they are not quite 2 inches long now, but I hear they grow up to 6 inches)? And if the tank can take more, what would be recommended - other Dawson rainbows or maybe a few platys or guppies? Would love to have a little community tank but not if they're going to be stressed out or attack one another!

thanks in advance for your advice!


  • Ken Boorman
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    Rainbows always do better in schools of about 4-6. That tank is too small for the 2 fish you have even. Keep that 34L for guppies or white clouds if you like, and get a 4' tank for your school of rainbows <!-- s:twisted: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_twisted.gif" alt=":twisted:" title="Twisted Evil" /><!-- s:twisted: --> If you decide to get another bigger tank, let us know and we can make some suggestions oin what else you can put in with the rainbows.

  • FishyFriend
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    Thanks Ken - unfortunately getting another tank is not an option. So we'll just have to see how the 2 little fellas do. They seem pretty happy at the moment (feeding well, swimming around the tank confidently & independently) and have lots of hiding places, so fingers crossed! <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->

    (and I won't be buying anything else from the supposedly reputable aquarium who sold the setup & fish as a coldwater community tank in the first place) <!-- s:x --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_mad.gif" alt=":x" title="Mad" /><!-- s:x -->
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    Jeez, a 'reputable' aquarium dealer sold you 2 Dawson splendida's in a 34l tank! Sounds like they aren't the smartest dealer! They can grow to 6", but more often they get are around 4". Nope, I wouldn't be adding anything more to that tank.

    Being a 34l it sounds like an Aqua One 380? I have 3 of those and I keep very small species like Blue-eyes in them. A mate has one that is home to 3 M.praecox (Neon Rainbow)and 2 P.gertrudae (Spotted Blue-eye), and that is more then enough stock for a small tank!

    If you can't get a bigger tank for them, you may need to look at trading them in or something when they get bigger. If you do, go for a small Rainbow species or Blue-eyes!
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    Just regarding Dawson River Rainbows. They are regarded as a indoor cold water fish. Although they are from up here in queensland (tropical) We breed them in outdoor ponds that in winter can get down to 9-10.C So as long as your indoor tank doesn't get any lower than that you should be right with out a heater. If ever your looking for a really tough rainbow that loves the cold temperatures of Melbourne the Fluviatilis or Murray River Rainbow is the go.