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I'm a overly cautious person when it comes to online ordering of live fish.

But recently it may seem i am forced to online revenues because of the lack of enthusiasm my LFS have on the fish hobby.
Unfortunately the LFS around my area stock only asian oriented fish for asian households and i don't blame them it is after all a asian suburbia. (no offence i am asian myself)
Trans aquarium the once reputable LFS also succumbed to this 50% all goldfishes and the other 50% are a strange mix of false algea eaters and the common chiclids most asian have (electric blues and yellows)
There are just no LFS that do a varied range of tropical fishes like they used to anymore.

I'm in particularly after corydoras, which they aren't very optimistic in getting in.
And would like to hear from others who have ordered from livefish how their experience was
in particular the two types
Corydora Pygmaeus
Corydoras Aeneus Neon Green Stripe

I have never ever seen Corydoras so metalic and golden as the picture shown on the livefish site do the Corydoras Aeneus Neon Green Stripe really look like that?

I have ordered plants from before which was a good result other than the need to remove all the pond parasites that came with the order (leeches , snails etc)
Also anyone who has experience with keeping the two types of corydoras do share please, i'll practically read anything about them.

Thanks in advance