Plant order very impressed

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I did a little test between Livefish and another aquatic plant supplier.
On a Sunday night I ordered something simple, assorted crypt plants in those cute little 3cm pots.
I ordered 10 crypts from the competitor and since Livefish was a little bit cheaper in price I ordered 15 from them.
I paid using paypal on both orders.
Monday was a public holiday for our state so I didn't expect much to happen until Tuesday when everyone got back to work.
On Thursday I got my order from Livefish in a cute white styrofoam box and the plants were in pristine condition. Two of the pots were cracked but you tend to get that in postage handling and I had a couple of spare pots here anyway.
Here is a photo of the assortment of plants Livefish sent. BTW BIG THANKYOU LIVEFISH <!-- s:dance2: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/dancingdog.gif" alt=":dance2:" title="dance2" /><!-- s:dance2: -->

I heard nothing from the competitor at all and by Tuesday the following week after the mail had been delivered I was getting a little worried and emailed them.
I got no reply. I think they must have forgotten my order as it arrived on Thursday in a cardboard box expresspost.
The soft box had been knocked around a bit and the plants were kinda knocked around but all the pots except one were fine and they sent a free crypt in a busted pot so that was a bit of a bonus for waiting so long.

I heartily recommend Livefish for plant purchases. <!-- s:dance3: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/dance.gif" alt=":dance3:" title="dance3" /><!-- s:dance3: -->


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    They all look nice and healthy, have you planted them yet?

    To give them a kick start us fert pellets it never fails.

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    I have undergravel filters. Fertiliser pellets turn my water into a volcano so that idea is out. Always plenty of nice pleco poop to fertilize in tank.
    I am leaving them in the pots this time and putting the pots in the gravel near the front where its lit better.
    Their roots can mostly go straight down and get the rich pickings under the filter.
    That way when I gravel vac near the plants in pots I will not be disturbing their roots all the time.
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    When I was growing on some small Crypts I went to Bunnings and bought a few 6cm Terra Cotta pots.

    I cleaned and took out all the (rock wool) as it rots down cleaned/trimmed the roots up held them in the pot and filled the pot with the substrate from the tank.

    By trimming the roots it encourages more side growth on the roots which means new and healthy root system.

    I never lost a plant and they all grew into healthy plants.

    If you leave them in those little pots they could rot and certainly will not grow to their maximum.

    As you know I never gravel vac around my crypts (its impossible now any way) its not so much disturb the roots its take away the mulm on the top which is their natural food.

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    Good one LiveFish... <!-- s:thumbleft: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_thumleft.gif" alt=":thumbleft:" title="thumbleft" /><!-- s:thumbleft: -->

    Congrats Brenda on a pleasing, successful order.. <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- s:D -->
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