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Hi All,

I was hoping for some recommendations on what to buy for my tank. the theme is aimed towards an amazon tank. It will be stocked with a fair number of fish from that area, tetras etc.

I have your generic gravel for substrate and am sort of keen on trying a DIY CO2 part time system. A system that is only being blown into the tank when the filter and lights are running but allowed to bubble up and into atmosphere when they are off. Do this for up to 2 weeks at a time then 2-4 weeks off.

I have a 75cm tank 40odd cm high and 30odd deep.
I have a Phillips 6500k daylight fluro 18w and a Red/pink grow light 20w.. 2w per gallon of water

I like swords, vals, Ambulia, rush, milfoils and banana lillies to name a few.

id spend up to $50 or so on this, maybe a little more.. I also intend on getting a 30cm driftwood as the tank center piece

I dont have heaps of time to look after the tank but could spare an hour or 2 each weekend.




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    Cmon folkes don't just view have a say let me know what you have or suggest
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    Well am amazon tank aye..Love your choice..
    I can't work out your tank dimensions. what in Litres is it?
    Tetras, Bristlenose/Plecos, Rams, Cardinal tetras, Rasbora(small)..
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    This site will tell you what will work and what won't, A brilliant tool..Just add your details..
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    I have a 75cm tank 40odd cm high and 30odd deep.

    I can give you the capacity but "odd" sorry cm or mm please

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    its tops of 80l i calculated 70l at current fill height and gravel thickness.

    everything you mentioned is what i was thinking, mainly small fish so no rams unfortunately
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    I thought rams were quite small.

    have a read of this for the CO2 side of things

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    in terms of plants and fish youw will have to look into which plants will become too much of an issue with CO2 as some go too wild and over-run the tank.

    In termso fo fish for a nice planted tank that fit with amazon theme. I would run with a bristlenose or 2 for clean up duty and a school of cardinal tetras. The contrast between the red and neon of the tetra and the green of the plants is very striking!
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    Beware ambulia will grow out of control! I have a 1ww per gal, no CO2 and no ferts and it is still rapidly growing. Although a nice plant to thicken up the back, it will grow and grow.