Down Sizing My Setup

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Hey guys unfortunately i cant keep all the fish i have so im going to slowly sell most of my fish and then move onto my equipment.

So i have 1 breeding colony of Common BNs 2 males 5 females they have been together from january this year and were producing alot of fry so ive seperated them for the time being.
I also have 2 young adult males not quite breeding age and 1 female also not quite breeding age.
asking $180 for the lot if i go any lower id be better going to my petshop.

2 pairs of albino bns and 2 trios asking $50 a pair and $70 a trio all breeding and have been since febuary.

Common juvies
3-5cm $1 per cm
6cm+ $1.25 per cm

Albino Juvies
3-5cm $1.25 per cm
6cm+ $1.50 per cm

1 pair of angel fish $60 for the pair

pm me your email and i can directly send you any pics of the fish you would like to see.