Marine aquarium hobbyists collecting their own fish-inverts.

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Just a few pics to show the aandtsociety-marine aquarium club in Brisbane exists by its somewhat unique field trips.

Over the last month there has been some excellent conditions for collecting our own reef aquarium species and taking lots and lots of underwater photos of the creatures that apply mainly to what we would buy at the shops of the hobby.

Like some other hobbyists, we catch some of our own and relive our wonderful ocean experiences by looking after our tank life that came from the clubs trips.

This is the collecting trip section for any one interested in underwater photos, collected species and all laws and tips on how to collect legally and beneficially to not just the collector but also the area you wish to collect in as well.
If none of this interests you, there is no reason to click on the thread link!!!

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Here are some pics out of the hundreds we take of the beautiful, the special, the scary and the down right dangerous life forms we encounter on aandtsociety field trips.

One of the many stonefish we see on our collecting trips.


An endemic chromis for the tank.


We get some nice sized lobsters on our trips.


This common acan didn’t know whether to go green or red.


An endemic dotty back from one of our trips.