These fish ok

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Hi guys I am going to be setting up a marine aquarium next year, it is going to be a fowlr aquarium. I am getting the tank on the 28th it is only a standed 4ft fish tank but that is all I need for my first one so I am happy with that.
I know I need to let it run for a while plus only put 1-2 fish in at a time
The fish I am plaining on getting are:
FIre Goby x1
Flame Angel or Emperor Angel x1
Red line Cleaner Shrimp x2
Orange Ocellaris Clownfish x2
Carpenters flasher wrasse x1
Micro brittle stars x10
and a Trochus snail x1

these would be added about 2-4 weeks apart

Specs for the tank
I am going to get one of these
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Also will have a Hang on the back filter as well as a Protein Skimmer
The light is just going to be a normal 4ft light because I am not having coral
1x 300watt heater
also a air pump