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Over the last month or so there have been some top collecting trips the club has organised, especially for the new members to start stocking their tanks with some local marine life to add to the species they have bought.

This is just a few pics of the collected species in their tanks and of the sport of recreational collecting we carry out to keep the aandtsociety,once the diverse Aquarium and Terrarium Society of Queensland, now south east Queensland aquarium society with only marine/reef aquarium keepers these days.

Some of these photos are from some recent trips the club members have been on to collect their own reef aquarium life forms and enjoy the southeast’s free dive sites and low tide rock pool spots as well.

One of the better sunrises as we arrived at the water for a low tide trip.


Two boat loads of us on our way to collect and appreciate the ocean on a club collecting trip.


Some colourful variations of zoanthids seen on our trips.


This season has had some chunky muddies at our collection sites.


A nice flat worm at one of our sites.


Many lovely corals on our trips to appreciate or collect, collection out side of marine parks in Q is totally legal!


Some times we chase an anthia or two for the tanks.


There has been quite a few lemon peel centropyge around this season.


Always some nice coloured tubeworms at some of our sites, these are amongst xenia.


A sponge species (acanthella klethra) we commonly find ideally suited to the reef aquarium that will survive very nicely in the aquarium and assist in nutrient conversion, plus excellent for some to graze upon as it grows quite quickly and is not nearly invasive.


One of the coral beauties we find on our trips.


Lots of lysmata peppermint shrimp at some sites we collect at.


A fire damsel (pomacentrus bankanensis) collected and than in tank,a nice damsel with out to nasty of a nature,just a little pushy.



Dice cube fish collected than in tank.




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    Some cool lookin fish there <!-- s:dance6: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/Boogiedancing.gif" alt=":dance6:" title="dance6" /><!-- s:dance6: --> i really like that dice fish, very funny looking <!-- s:laugh5: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/haha4.gif" alt=":laugh5:" title="laugh5" /><!-- s:laugh5: --> <!-- s:laugh5: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/haha4.gif" alt=":laugh5:" title="laugh5" /><!-- s:laugh5: -->
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