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admanadman Member Posts: 29
edited April 2012 in Marine / Saltwater Fish
Hi guys,

I'm thinking of installing a uv steriliser on my Aquareef 300 set up but, I don't know what size I will need? Can anyone help me out?



  • BrengunBrengun Moderator Posts: 1,985
    If you want it to combat ich, the bigger the better. My fish are under uv and they still got ich.
    If you want it for algae control there isn't such a need for high wattage.
  • admanadman Member Posts: 29
    A couple of my fish had severe cases of ich and sadly died. So now I am installing a uv steriliser. Hopefully that keeps it away. Interesting that you mentioned algae, I never knew that uv sterilisers could combat this. Is it all kinds of algae???

    In terms of the steriliser size, would 18w be to small for ich prevention?

  • BrengunBrengun Moderator Posts: 1,985
    Have a read of that and bring up the highlighted 50w ( 330gallon ) Emperor Aquatics Smart HO UV "High-Output" for a 3 page chart.

    Sorry I don't know how to translate the uws/cm2 to wattage but its an interesting read nonetheless.

  • Heintz.GHeintz.G Moderator Posts: 1,363
    You could always get a canister filter about 800lph, take the media out and put coral rubble in it with a 36watt uv on it, should give you about 95% sterilization.
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  • MoooMooo Moderator Posts: 7,653
    edited August 2012
    300L aquarium, 18watt uv, I think it would be ok, I have a 9watt internal on my 5 foot, it isn't big enough, but I haven't had WS since I added it , in fact, if I see a fish I really want , but it has WS, I'll still buy it, but make sure they know I know and I get it at a reduced price :> lol Risky, Meh.. proly, but I've cured everyone I've done this with and never had one of mine come down with spots ever..anyway..They are great to rid a tank of WS, not so good for breeding, as bubs end up prone to nasties in ordinary tanks, making them weaklings once in a tank with no uv..imho.. ;)
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