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First order, missing 3 fish.

ThequipThequip Member Posts: 5
edited May 2012 in Livefish Online Store
Got an email response, thanks ^_^


  • puma85puma85 Member, Classifieds Posts: 370
    It could have been that they didn't have them in stock?

    I have in the past received part of my order as the other fish were not avaliable.

    Having said that they did send me an email to inform me what was happening, and they also let me know that shipping was not going to be at my cost.

  • ThequipThequip Member Posts: 5
    That would of been fine, but I have received no email or call whatsoever
  • puma85puma85 Member, Classifieds Posts: 370
    Oh I see.

    Well just hang out I'm sure they will sort it out for you shortly.

    I have also found that with livefish I use to always and only get emails later on at night sometimes like 7pm and so on.
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