What marine aquarium setup do you prefer?

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Hi I'm just curious to know what is the most popular type of marine aquarium that people like to keep.

Ps. Don't worry about option #3 I accidentally put that by mistake . #-o

What marine aquarium setup do you prefer? 14 votes

Fish only
Heintz.Gluigi 2 votes
TrevorRFishful thninkinErrol Wilsonkenleck666 4 votes
Mini reefs
MoooDougFingermarkSimon Adam[Deleted User]CHRIS_Lfallenfeathersanimal_expert01 8 votes


  • Doug
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    Mini reefs
    personally I like the mini reefs but I set up a 3x3ft FOWLR tank at work the other day and I must admit it looks awesome! and would be so stable cos of the huge amount of live rock in there. It only has an anemone and a Sumatran clownfish pair in it.