The amazingness of life

Fishful thninkin
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Do you know the saying " life finds a way " well I've got a prime example in my marine tank. After removing all of my fish and i thought all the crabs as well and making it a live rock tank only ( figuring it wouldn't need as much care) . I have found a plethora (oooo i know a fancy word haha ) of new life in my tank, I have found so far 3 different species of crab, a kind of shrimp( I only got a glimps of it), a little bristle star, anenomes, snails, Christmas tree worms, oysters, mussels, a few different types of fan worms and probably lots of other little creatures that I haven't seen yet.

It is amazing that these have appeared out of nowhere and is surviving with only minimal care.
I am wondering if anyone else has had any experiences of this sort of thing?


  • Doug
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    the amount of stuff that comes off live rock is insane! When we get new stuff in the shop we always have great fun looking in the water at the bottom of the box at the cool creepy crawlies. We then put them into the live rock tank and spend ages playing spot the starfish
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    Nature finds a way Doug, I love it..Live rock is just that , It's alive with organisms of all shapes n sizes :D I am in awe of nature daily Doug, It is amazing isn't it @-) 3:-O
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    Doug what are you playing with starfish?...hope their not the chocolate ones
  • Doug
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    there is always a few little baby stars the hitch a ride on the live rock. we grow them out and see what they turn into. so many cool colours!