FS: Wild Caught Altum Angels

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Hey All,

Here is something a bit different. We had someone put an order through at the shop for some altum angels and then after the fish were ordered he bailed on the order. So, for the first time ever (I believe in SA) we have so genuine wild caught Altum Angels for sale, not F1 or F2, but born and bred in the wild.

We have 7 of them. They were caught in the amazon basin, were quarantined for 3 weeks on the east coast, then for a further 2 weeks once we got them and now they are fully acclimatised and happy. Even living in Adelaide tapwater :O

They are just shy under $50 each and are about 4cms at the moment. They are stunning fish and would make an amazing feature fish in any tank. they are larger than the standard angel and slightly more aggressive but not overly, no where near as bad as some other cichlids.

PM me if you are interested and I can flick you some details.