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First order

Robert SharpRobert Sharp Member Posts: 3
edited August 2012 in Livefish Online Store
Just placed my first order.

Disappointed there was no 'delivery notes' section so I could ask for fishes to be put in esky by front door if I Am out.setting aside 'sometime' between wed and fri is hard own my diary 8(


  • puma85puma85 Member, Classifieds Posts: 370
    edited August 2012
    Yeah you are right there is no section for the notes, however the fish do come in an foam box so they should be alright.

    You could always leave a note on your front door for the delivery driver when they get there. I'm sure they will be happy to do that for you.

    Another option is you can take the order number and send an email to live fish using this template and I am sure they will be able to do something about it.

    Personally I always pick my fish up from the airport when they land so that they don't have to go through the ordeal of being thrown around a couriers van. This will of course always depend on where you are located in relation to the airport though.
  • Robert SharpRobert Sharp Member Posts: 3
    Cheers puma. Airport's a bit far and diddly.

    Also, is there a "suggestions" area?
    A lot of the plants looked nice, but I've got no idea about height, submerged/emergent/humid, light and co2, etc
  • MoooMooo Moderator Posts: 7,653
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  • Robert SharpRobert Sharp Member Posts: 3
    Thanks mooo

    I tried googleing each one by the name given (with varying success given local names very, genera given but no species, related but not identical ants coming up, etc) and am crossing my rings I made good choices.

    OTH, I stumbled across a few other aquarium discussion/forum sites tha made for useful learning, so itwasn't completely time wasted
  • MoooMooo Moderator Posts: 7,653
    edited August 2012
    There is, from memory, a section for your comments when ordering..
    The order will be in a foam box..
    You could call AAE(I think they still use them) and tell them anything for you, must be left on your step...or tell them you will collect them..
    Some people find it easier to send them to their work place.
    photo mooo_avat.gif "I'm a Doug Addict" photo cow2heartkisses.gif
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