FS: Red Line Torpedo Barbs Lg (Adelaide)

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Hey Guys and girls,

Up for sale are some Red Line Torpedo Barbs x6.

These beauties are quite rare and even rarer fully grown. They are a very peaceful species of barb but like all barbs like to be kept in groups of 5 or more. They are fantastic community fish that do best is a slightly larger aquarium as they do like to swim around and school. They are very active and very pretty. Most generally seen kept with larger peaceful cichlids such as discus or angels they will not attack slower moving fish or fin nip as long as they are in a group.

more info here Red Line Torpedo Barb
These fish are almost fully grown and are very happy and healthy. They were bought about 15 months ago and have been happy and healthy since then. They are about 10-12cms at the moment living in a 350ltr tank.

Asking $110 each or $600 for all 6. Not cheap I know but considering that most 3-4cm fish are about $150 they are a bargain. Price is Firm!

Few pics I snagged of google, They look exactly like these guys but i can get pics if you want



Would look great in a planted display tank.

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