FX5 issues

Jezza Member Posts: 276
Hi guys, I'm running an FX5 and haven't had issues with it for a good 2 years. Ive noticed recently that the force with which the water exits the outlet has lowered. Usually it would hammer out water, i've noticed on Sunday when i cleaned my tank that its pushing out nowhere near as much as it was.

So thinking that perhaps the motor is on the way out, I borrowed my friends motor and attached it to mine presuming it would be alright. Still the same issue, even with a brand new motor attached to it, it would only push out water slowly in comparison to what it was.

Does anyone have any ideas what could possibly be wrong?

The only thing i can think of is that there is something blocking the outlet tube, but i find it hard to believe since the tubes are very big and im not sure how something would be able to get lodged in there.