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Order not appearing on My Account

I placed an order today however it's not showing up on my account, I'm a bit concerned as I received The email from PayPal saying my payment was made to livefish.
My previous order showed up straight away on my account.
Should I be concerned or does it sometimes take a while to appear ?


  • mr_c265mr_c265 Member Posts: 167
    Hi David,
    Normally it does appear pretty much straight away, if you email Allina at [email protected], she can sort it out pretty quickly for you.
  • Dw1969Dw1969 Member Posts: 8
    Thanks. I have emailed them but just got a computer generated reply saying they will get back to me, so I'm just waiting to hear back from them to get it sorted.
  • Dw1969Dw1969 Member Posts: 8
    All sorted. I was a bit worried after reading all the negative comments and bad experiences people have had with their orders. But I have to say live fish have been very quick to get back to me and fix my problems, I'm very happy with their customer service.
    Both my orders are now processing and I look forward to getting my new fish and plants.
  • mr_c265mr_c265 Member Posts: 167
    Glad there is a happy ending! Allina is lovely and always replies quickly and does good by the customer. I have to say i have always been very impressed with LiveFish.

    The complaints are usually quite old and normally from people who don't understand the logistics of shipping hundreds of orders of fish per week around the country and trying to get them all to arrive alive.
  • MoooMooo Moderator Posts: 7,653
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