Bristlenose Peppermint DIED!

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My order arrived today, after letting my bristlenose into the tank its seemed healthy? but a bit weak?
after i came back from work i find him dead T_T" i sent a claim mail to livefish but i only have photos of him alive and after he died D: i didnt take any photos of the fish in the bag D:
Do you think they would accept my claim form? im fustrated since it was liek a 30 dollar fish as well T_T"
Any help from those who experience this??


  • Doug
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    how did you acclimatise him into the tank?
  • Mooo
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    It will not be still under livefish Guarantee, If it its going to be replaced, It has to be DOA (photo taken dead in arrival bag), not a week later...What did you feed it, did you acclimatise correctly, what else is in the tank?
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