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FS: 4ft (210ltr) compelte tank setup

DougDoug Member, Classifieds Posts: 2,371
FOR SALE: 4ft 210ltr complete aquarium set up

CONDITION: Used but good


PRICE: $350

LOCATION: Adelaide, Australia

POSTAGE (yes/no, cost): No

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This has been my grow out tank for a long time. It is the last relic of my breeding setup and now needs to make a new home happy as we need the space to set up our home office.

the set up contains:
-4ft tank (210 ltrs)
-4ft twin t5 light unit
-2100l/h canister filter
-silica sand substrate
-large sponge per-filter
-4 outlet air pump
-4 air driven filters (1 sponge filter and 3 corner filters)
-Few bits of driftwood
-plants (java fern and mosses)
-300w heater
-I'll throw a few bristlenose and pure bred endlers in for fun :)

It doesn't currently have a stand, it is on the office desk (hence why it needs to go). I can organize a stand for you. Pine stands from $135, Cabinets a bit more and can have them stained.






CONTACT: PM or email [email protected]


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