Tandanus Catfish - White Spot

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Our Tandanus catfish is suffering from a bad case of what I assume is White Spot. He's been off his food for a couple of weeks and is now mainly lying on the bottom of the 4ft tank looking pretty bad.



We're currently treating with Blue Planet Rapid White Spot Remedy which is based on Malachite Green and Formaldehyde but only in half dose for the catfish. The tank has been dosed twice over the last week with two more doses to go. Since we started treating the poor catfish has been getting worse which I've been assuming is the White Spot going through it's lifecycle. Water parameters are good - checked a few times this week and temp is currently 26C.

Can anyone confirm based on the photos that this is White Spot and if so is there anything else we can do in the way of treatment? Will more water changes help? Last one was 40% a week ago and was planning another today of 30-40%. Should we raise the temperature more?

Thanks in advance



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    jack the temp up! low 30s to speed up the lifecycle
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    You could also try lots of airation,and a filter overhaul.Good luck.
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    Hi waz, yep turn the temp up to at least 30 over a couple of days and don't forget when doing your water changes, to get as close to your substrate as possible as this will remove the Ich that has died and fallen off the Tandanus.

    Fingers crossed all goes well with treatment.
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  • waz_j
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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. We raised the temp this morning but unfortunately treatment has come too late. We started with the White Spot Remedy as soon as the spots appeared but maybe there were other symptoms we missed other than him being off his food for a week or so. We'll leave the temp high and continue dosing the tank to make sure the rainbow fish are OK - they've not shown any symptoms, are eating well and behaving normally.

    Thanks again for the advice.
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    Toss in some salt(not much)
    Turn the temp above 30, use protozin,
    Do 10% wc daily, concentrating on vacuuming the gravel..
    WS starts in their gills, up their air also :D
    Your other fish will have some as well, although not visible prolly,
    Continue to treat the tank as per directions of Protozin,
    The product you're using will kill off the good bacterias, so be aware you may get a mini cycle also, I would use stability or some bio booster also...
    Take a few weeks..slowly reduce water temp over the last week :D
    Good Luck..
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