Will this divider work?

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So do people think this will work?

I have the filter inlet and a sponge on one side and the outlet on the other. Should I get enough flow through the division? I have a lot of holes in it as you can see. I'm jut not sure that's all I don't want to have a dead spot in the tank.



  • Heintz.G
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    You did a good job on the divider. Regardless you will always have a dead spot or two with a divider, If you still can I would recommend cutting out the centre of the divider out and silicone fiberglass flywire to the divider, then you would get less in the way of dead spots.
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  • puma85
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    Oh yeah thats a good idea thanks for that I can still cut it out it's not in the tank yet just sat it in there.

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