1st order and disappointed

I finally got around to doing a fish order. 6 platinum angels.

They all arrived alive but they were a bit red on fins and along their topline, I figured they'd been sitting in gross water. I acclimatized them and got them in the tank. Soon found the red wasn't from gross water, they were sick, and started dropping like flies. I picked up some treatment for them and tried to cure the problem, but too late 1 survived from the 6 bought and they took 5 of the angels already in the tank

Whats more frustrating is they were not even platinums sent, they were gold angels.

Having 16+tanks, I figured LiveFish would be great to use to stock them, but after the above sickness and to top it off not even what I actually ordered, never again.


  • Doug
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    yeah, that's a bit poor. Did you email them with the issues?
  • Alasse
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    Nope, just decided to learn from the experience and to pay a bit more for local stuff
  • Doug
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    They are normally pretty good at dealing with issues. I'd flick them an email, even if you never use them again.
  • Frayk
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    Hi Alasse, I live in S.A. I struggle with the concept of ordering [and forking out for] anything ALIVE to be transported here, from Bundaberg QLD, delivered, then the whole process of integration, makes it easy, or attractive, it also seems that most sort after fish are always - out of stock - . Obviously it works well for some, and thats great, spose its where you live, 8-}
  • Alasse
    Alasse Member Posts: 207
    I could deal with the ordering, very painless process. I just was very unimpressed at not getting what I ordered, and a bit upset they were sick and killed off my actual platinum angels ($40 worth).

    All in all I did not really save anything, in fact the exercise cost me way more in antibiotics and fish deaths.

    But anyway a bit late now to take it up with them. Sad though as some fish I was looking at I've only found at the online store :(

    Nevermind, it wasn't meant to be
  • Mooo
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    :(( That sucks :/ They would have reimbursed you, it may not be too late :/ Flick em a 'Private message' on facbook, it seems to get more traffic off them in there ;)
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