Ummm.. My order went through twice.. HALP!

Ok so I went onto livefish today, my order # 539537‏ was still pending and gave me the option to alter my order. Which I did. So then I paid for it with credit card to speed things along since I was originally paying with paypal which takes days to clear. So anyway now I have order # 539600‏. Then I go onto paypal and it's already cleared and not pending, wtf? So now I need to have one of the orders refunded before it gets shipped and I need this done urgently, I emailed as well but I am afraid they won't get the email in time so can someone please help me.


  • Mooo
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    Go to Livefish facebook page and post your comment there, they don't come in here, It's just for customers to chat & get answers to issues with their tanks etc..
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