Ebay 3ft twin tube batten questions.

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Hi guys,

I basically wanted a twin setup to grow plants, and I couldnt find any cheap enough 3ft twin tube batten, so i bought this off ebay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/271056247153
and i was just wondering if these tubes included need to be replaced by tropical tubes?




  • Heintz.G
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    Yep, you are best to replace the tubes that come with that unit, they are designed for saltwater.

    What you are better off getting.

    1x6000k red tube for the rear of the housing.

    1x6500 daylight for the front.

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  • Udm
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    Thanks heintz. I hope it gets here quick :-)
  • Mooo
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    IMO, Change them to LED tubes :D or just get a LED unit :D cheaper in Watts, means less dollars wasted ;)
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