Bristlenose with fungus infection? (BIG IMAGES)

Dr Matt
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wuh oh.
Discovered one of my bristlenoses is looking quite unhealthy, carrying a fuzzy white shag-pile carpet on its back.

We've just been through a major move and the guys had to spend four days in a 20L bucket with 75% daily WC's.
Filter seems to have come through fine, kept the media wet and mobile throughout transfer. UV filter (new lamp) and Seachem Purigen reactor are both going strong.

Water chemistry seems ok, GH & KH good, almost nil measurable nitrates and nitrites. PH around 6.9 to 7.1. Nobody else in the tank (180L, 5x Goldies, 9x tetras and 5x BNs) is carrying any unusual carpet and all seem quite healthy.

I'm thinking a fight over new territories and move stress has sparked this.

(giant shot here: )

The real question is treatment. She's been isolated into her own tank with plenty of airstone so I'm free to treat as needed.

Salt? Melafix? Temperature? Doug?


  • Doug
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    that is a very nasty infection. Looks like there was some form of would, most likely amonia burn that has become infected after the fact. I'd be going with pima and melafix, lots of air and 50% changes, dark tank and lots of hiding places. Want to destress her as much as possible. the thing will be to prevent it from getting further infected while she fixes herself
  • Mooo
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    Do a water change. mela & pima at half strength , as Doug said, AIR lots of air.... Lights out .. You can dab her injury with betadine, ;) hold her, dab it on, blow it dry and repeat, then put her bk, daily will help :D

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  • Brengun
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    Betadine stops fungus dead in its tracks. Well at least it lets you get on top of it so the other meds can do their job of healing.