Hi there!

I'm a newbie who had a very basic goldfish tank when I was 12. Even though it was a only a 2ft tank it was my pride and joy and I loved it. I have spent the past 4 years running a rescue shelter for ferrets (I am very passionate about my ferrets!) but need a break and although I can't imagine myself ever not having them I need something a little less time consuming and more of a hobby. Something for me that I can enjoy. Not because I feel I have to but because I want to. Probably like most people who start out with their first tank I want to rush out and get everything. See it all set up and beautiful, but I know it's a slow process and briefly reading through the posts I need to spend quite a few weeks, just getting the water sorted! Anyway, I'm so keen to read and learn for now, and being the kind of person I am I probably won't do it by halves! I'm looking forward to learning all about the amazing world of tropical fish keeping! (My partner welcomed the idea after watching my passion for my ferrets take over my life for a number of years, this to him is a bit of a relief!) ha ha...


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    Hi Ferret
    I love your drive and passion :D From our forums biggest animal activist, Me :D I Thank you for the work you do rescuing ferrets, My Dad bred them when I was young :)
    Please check our beginners section for basic important info ;)
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    Hi Furettum,

    Welcome to the forum :)
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    Tanks a lot guys! I feel very welcome!
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    Yeah welcome, from reading your post it is obvious you are familiar with the very basics of aquarium keeping, before your blow your bank and sanity, a plethora of knowledge available on this top notch forum, perhaps decide on what sort or type of fish or aquarium you really want up front, how much coin you got etc take it from there, planted tank? Big fish? Small fish? Lots of fish? Its endless, try something cheaper and easier, to start off with imo, and again welcome :-@
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    Hi and welcome!
    Research and research and research. Make sure everything you buy is quality and is setup properly. Last thing you want is losing all your stock to a bad heater or dodgy filter. It's far easier to research now and get the right things than get the wrong things, research and then get the right things.