Help needed on deciding what fish to get

Josh_D Member Posts: 29
Hi guys I am not the most advanced person when it comes to fish so I have come here for a little help. Very soon I will be purchasing a 5ft-6ft fish tank. I wanted to know how many of each fish breed i want would be a good idea that may give a chance of them to breed. I am wanting to get silver sharks, those red tail sharks, bristle nose catfish, electric yellows with similar breeds( I think they are called chichlids) i also want some cool loaches. I would like to know whats a rough estimate number of each fish so it's not crowded. Also is there any other cool coloured fish that would work well with these breads? E.g tiger barbs and stuff. Also what live plant breeds that livefish have in stock would make these guys thrive the best? Thanks and I will be really great full for receiving any responses.


P.s. Sorry for any punctuation/spelling mistakes, it is late at night and I'm doing this on a phone