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My aquariums pretty much right to go. Ammonias good, ph is 6.3-6.5. Just adding some kp powder I think it's called? The only thing that's bothering me is the fish! I have some peppermints and bn and some guppy and neons. I've had so many opinions on what can live with what it's doing my head in. I love my plants i have tons and loads of wood probably too much! But now I'm looking at all the lovely fish I'd love to have but they're apparently going to eat all of my other fish or shred my plants! My tank is 220 litres


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    Btw how do I post photos?
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    So your tank is 220 liters, ammonia, nitrite and all other bad things are away and the pH is low.
    You have neon tetras, peppermint bristlenose and guppies.
    Ok there's a lot of option here ferretwelfare, it's a large tank with a nice pH for many fish. You could add other livebearers like platies or swordtails, you could add some dwarf cichlids such as blue Rams or apistogrammas of various sorts. You could even get some larger peaceful cichlids like keyholes for example.
    Personally, what I would do is get a school of about 10 corydoras, sterbais or Juliis are my favorite. Then I would get later a nice blue ram. A male would be preferable but females can be spectacular too.

    What are the specific numbers of your current stocking? Like how many neons guppies bristlenoses etc.

    As to posting pictures:

    Here is a link to my photo hoster of choice
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    thank you TallTree01

    After all of the ummmming and ahhhhing im leaning towards discus. Obviously my guppies will have to go back where they came from. My friend breeds discus and my water is perfect atm for discus. I know they are very sensitive fish but I think thats what I'd like to do. Maybe some tetras as well. I have so many plants and really love a well planted tank, and I have been advised that a lot of the big fish will probably trash my plants. Any comments?
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    Discus are surprisingly delicate with plants actually. The issue would be compatibility. You see discus like and thrive in really warm water that most tropical fish will not thrive in.
    It might be difficult to keep them with some of your current fish. Discus IMO are best kept in their own tanks or with other fish that like high temperatures.
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    You should get sharks. Sharks are amazing and they are not aggressive (but sometimes you get a mean one) or you should get a loach of some sort. Coolie loaches are the most available.
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    If you like plants I suggest not getting chiclids... Maybe Gouramies ? Or maybe a discus or angle?