Australian Christian Lobby

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Thoughts on this

Personally I think all religions should get with the program, after all it's the 21st Century, Gays and Lesbians have been around since the dawn of time and would make as loving parents if not better in some cases than the so called traditional family Father and Mother.

A short read which includes, Extended, Blended and an Indigenous family that they don't want aired.

What ever happened to live and let live.
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    Being relatively young, my opinion may be based on a much smaller amount of knowledge compared to some but nevertheless, I do believe the Christian Lobby is being particularly harsh on this. Political correctness has probably gone to far and I don't believe that this would have any adverse affect on smaller children. Most religions are living in the past and just won't accept changing times. Happy to listen to others with contradicting views. :)
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    All religions should be banned imo, Secretive, dirty deals done behind closed doors >:( Operating under the guise of doing good, manipulative bastards >:( I call bullshit on all religions :/
    We are all one :'( Nature rules this planet ;) not some made up superman :/ ffs I laugh at the gullibility of some, I may sound hard and it's because, I wouldn't trust any of them, not one little bit.
    Why can't we all just get along & not have a need to force our delusional beliefs on anyone else :neutral:
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    I agree 100% with Mooo. They 're all just a bunch of self righteous dogs, brainwashed by some dogmatic egalaterian stain.
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    Well now that it has been said, I 100% agree that religion is just delusional. I just didn't want to say it straight off the bat incase people would get offended. :)
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    And that my friend is what its all about, the oppression, enforced upon by "men of the cloth", do as you are told. In this day and age, and the state of the world ie. Syria, refugees, third world world countries, terrorism, paedophilia, etc, etc, all attributed to religion, don't be scared to speak out, freedom of speech is what they first target, democracy is all we have,stand for something or you will fall for anything. That's my 10 cents worth.
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    People can believe what they want I don't mind honestly. It's when they try to force their ideologies where they don't belong and use their beliefs as an excuse to do wrong I become upset.
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    Fair call TTs, you're right, aswell.
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    Lol 100% agree with moo nearly every single war has been caused by an aspect of religion which is what there supposedly rallying against.