Here are a few things we can debate below, First come first pick!
Hybreeding fish
Keeping fighter fish in small tanks
Feeding fish live food e.g Feeder fish, brine, worms
Let the debating begin!


  • animal_expert01
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    I think bettas can be kept in smaller tanks as long as they are cleaned at least every two weeks. I think hybreeding fish is sometimes a good idea sometimes not but most of the time in the Aquariam trade it is a bad idea. I think certain live foods (like brine, worms and daphnia) are ok but larger live food (feeder fish and feeder crayfish) should not be fed as it puts unreasonable stress on them. Some people carry on about the fact that's it's natrual while technecially that is true there is nothing natrual about a small helpless fish being trapped in a tiny box with an enormous predator destined to die. At least in the wild there is a 50 50 chance that the fish will die or it will escape. BTW nice topics I hope to have a lot of fun on these topics later!
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    Fighters, five to 10 ltr for a fish for a "couple"of weeks? Total BS.

    I know people will say these guys flop about in puddles and they do okay.

    On one of my trips on the Katherine river, we emptied a "puddle" that had become separated from the mainstream. We shifted several hundred litres of water, relocated well over 200 fish back to the stream, this included a variety of grunters, tandanus cats, rainbows, archers, barramundi and so forth.

    There is a guy you can locate on line in Thailand who sells Indian Almond leaves for tannins/water softening. He also breeds Fighters, probably has access to "puddles" full of fighters.

    The most success I have had with fighters is big community tanks, 1 male, 3 - 4 females and plenty of hiding spaces. I have a friend who happily kept two males in a six foot tank with a number of females. I wouldn't risk it, but, can be done.

  • Personally I think Fighter fish should not be kept in small tanks or fighter bowls because 1.
    it has round corners this distorts what a fighter sees and makes them disoriented 2. it's tiny not enough room to swim around and some people think fighter fish aren't swimmers well I can tell you from experience that if you put a fighter fish in a 3FT Tank it will swim to its hearts content
    conclusion: Don't keep fighters in small tanks!!!
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    Keeping fighters in small tanks is down right cruel, I reckon.
  • animal_expert01
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    Well I had a fighter that I had kept in a bowl for 3 good years put him in a 29 gallon and he sadly died the next day. I also have another fighter I have kept him for 5 years in a small bowl.
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    I can give my opinion ;)
    Hybreeding fish.. I don't like crossing critters :neutral:
    Keeping fighter fish in small tanks... No, never!
    Feeding fish live food e.g Feeder fish, brine, worms .. Not fish, brine shrimp yes ;)
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    Can of worms - no pun intended.

    there is a difference between our emotions / senses and what nature plays out everyday.

    as aquarists we are prolly more prone to be sensitive towards fish in tanks and so the right answer for us is a betta fish should be kept in an environment that meets with our personal view of what is right for the fish. No aquarists for the most part will not care or have no opinion on the matter. So our thinking is coloured to begin with.

    Apparently evolution did not give fish anything but instinct. So the question remains, if the fish cannot sense that it is not being treated fairly, optimally, with kindness, generosity, comfort, safety, protection, health care, and so on, why should humans.

    other than us aquarists of course.

    there are of course many who keep tanks not for the sake of fish, but as a showpiece of scaping or similar. once more the fish that are used are for the benefit of the showpiece and not the fish. damn shame really but there it is.

    I am with the rest of you, the environment must be good for the fish, but I sense that speaks about me, not about the needs of the fish.

    feeder fish, brine shrimp, live food, small tanks - we live in a diverse world where none of that is really wrong, depending on your view of the world.
  • Everyone having fun with this? ;)
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    So I've concluded that such fish lovers as my self that
    Hybreeding is frowned upon
    Keeping fighter fish in a cup or small tank is a no-no
    Feeding fish brine shrimp and worms is ok but not other fish
    Who else agrees? :3
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    I think that may be too black and white. we are all on a journey to that sort of ethic, but we arrive only after we start, take time and experience, make mistakes, grow and understand the hobby and the livestock and finally arrive at hazrocki's ideology.
  • Debate! pleco or bristle nose?
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    a debate requires more than a one word response.

    so instead of going 'pleco' you could go
    'pleco pleco'

    ahhuh ahhuh :smiley: