New breeding fish for profit project!

animal_expert01 Member Posts: 380
I may be starting breeding red cherry shrimp, Java moss, guppies and possibly even bristlenose! I will be selling them to my LFS. They will be in a 29gal. I was planning on having 20 RCS, 2 BNs, a whole tank full of Java mossand 4 guppies. Is a 29gal big enough for these fish? There will be no filter but there will be a heater, several caves for the BNs and an air pump and of course the Java moss will help keep the Aquarium clean. The tank will be speared with 3/4 of it going to the guppie fry, shrimps and BNs. There separater will be netting so when the guppies are born they will go through the netting to the Java moss so the parents won't eat them. Here will be the prices:
Guppies 1$
RCS 50 cents
BNs 3$
50 grams of Java moss 4$

Are these prices good? Do you think they are to expensive?
Any tips or tricks to breeding RCS, guppies and BNs or making Java moss grow faster would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!